Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovers Leap

Just wanted to show you that book by Emily March that I read. It was so good.

Also wanted to ask if anyone had a spare chart of this buzz wishful thinking. I would be willing to buy a used one.

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Get together

I have been thinking and I would like to organize a get together Saturday with fellow stitchers in the area. I live right in between Cincinnati and Indianapolis. I would like to propose a Saturday stitch in somewhere near here where fellow bloggers and stitchers can come spend the day together. If there is someone who would like to co-organize with me I would love that. I would love to get a designer to come too if possible. I figured we could get a hotel meeting room and order lunch in. Please email me privately if you are interested.

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Snow and stitching

The flurries decided to fall this afternoon though we only got a dusting. Looking forward to rest and relaxation this weekend with my sweetie. Here is my progress on my Teddy bear.

My friend Marie sent me a cute email with adorable animal photos in it. This was my favorite.

I have been listening to a book on tape while i stitch at bedtime. I am liking this story. It is set in Scotland and is easy to follow. I have read others by the same author.

Winter Solstice
By: Rosamunde Pitcher
Read by: Lynn Redgrave

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teddy ....

Here is my progress for my Teddy bear. Its really stitching nicely. I love this fabric I'm stitching on. I don't know if it is a special Aida or evenweave. It is soooooo soft. My needle just slides right in so quick and easy. My threads don't tangle at all and I love how it looks with three strands.

I am getting stronger day by day. I see my regular doctor on Monday. I'm supposed to see a lung specialist also.

I finished reading a good book the other day by Emily March. She has a series out called Eternity Springs. I read book four...Lovers Leap. It was just as good as the others. Here are the others in the series.

1. Angel's Rest
2. Hummingbird Lake
3. Heartache Falls
4. Lovers Leap

They have all been very good. Jim bought me a Debbie Macomber book for Valentine's Day. It is called "You Again"

Happy and Blessed stitching. Thank-you for all the prayers.
Sarah Beth

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rag tag teddy

Well here is what I have been working on

Here is the image of the finished design...

I love autumn and anything related so when going through books I couldn't resist this one to add to my group of projects.

Here is the book it came from.

"Magical Moments"
Rag Tag Teddie's
Book 56
Designs by Gloria & Pat
Adapted from artwork by Bill and Ruth Morehead.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doing some better

Came home from hospital late Friday night. Jim went back to work today and he is doing ok so far. Just for the record that metepnuemo virus really sucks. Ok I'm done now. Got some cross stitching done last night. Pammy sent me a picture of here polar bear mosaic she is doing. There are six plates and she has four done. Its really coming along. The tiles are so small she has to use tweezers . She is so creative. Here is the progress so far.

Daddy and Pam do a lot of puzzles too. Dad likes them put into frames so Pam gets some nice ones at Micheals or Hobby Lobby. This is a Thomas Kincaide.

My friend from

Had this cute pic on her blog. Elizabeth always has cool nature photos on her blog.

Have a merry day and please keep us in your prayers for continued strength and healing. May God bless you all.
Sarah Beth

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More from Michigan

Here are some more photos from Michigan.

Here is daddy celebrating his birthday.

These are four hummingbirds coaster sets.

Aren't these pretty. Pam made these for mom a number of years ago. Love them.

Pam made this with everyone's name out of the last name Marchuk.

Here is my jimmy being silly.

This is a snowman I made Pam and Daddy for Christmas one year.

Here is daddy and his cake.

And here is the puzzle Daddy and I worked on with Pam too. They finished it after we got home.

We had lots of fun. Happy 90th Birthday to Daddy.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Came home from hospital late last night. Jim caught the Metepnuemo virus from me and is quite sick too. We made it through our first day at home with us both still under the weather. God is taking good care of us for sure. Hoping each day we get stronger and soon will be back to health. I was sent home on oxygen during the day until my lungs get stronger and asthma calms down. Jim and i are both on prednisone for a few more days. We will keep you all posted on our progress. Thanks for your prayers.

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Please everyone pray for me. I'm very sick with metapnuemovirus. There may be more too. Please pray

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our trip to Michigan.

We went to Michigan the last weekend of January to see daddy for his 90th birthday. We encountered some snow along the way. Here is a pic of us stopped at a rest stop about half way there.

We all had such a good time. It was wonderful. One really nice thing about it was hanging out with my sister and best friend Pam. We both enjoy crafts a lot so I took pics of her crafts, moms, and ones I made her.

This is Pammy my sister and best friend. Aren't those little birds glued on the railing cute. We love birdies.

This is a cute polar bear I stitched for Pam a while ago.

These are pictures of my husbands grandma's lace. The last picture has some tatting that his late mother made. I had been asking Pam about learning to tat and that is why she showed it all to me. She even gave me a shuttle to start.

This is a project Pam worked on for a long time. It is the Delta Kappa Gamma teachers society for teachers. She has belonged to it for quite some time. That's all for now I need to get to bed. Went to urgent care and they told me I have pneumonia. Please pray for me to get better.
Blessed stitching
Sarah Beth

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

So inspirering

This link is a must see. It inspired me to reevaluate what I'm doing with my life. I need to give in less and ask God to show me what he wants me to do.

Yesterday I think God did show mr what he wants. I taught elementary music asll day at the. Batesville Elementary School.I was a natural at it. I may do subbing again in elementary school. Praise God for the chance to influence those kids.

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