Saturday, February 7, 2015

Patchouli Progress

 Good evening my stitch friends. Hope all is well with you. I watched a movie today about the christian singer/songwriter Rich Mullins called Ragamuffin. It brought me to tears often and the Lord used it to really touch me. There is a song he wrote that I saw in a different light. The chorus goes something like this...

Hold me Jesus cuz I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Will you be my prince of peace

I realize I worship Him as my King but do I worship the other roles he has. Do I pray to Him as my Prince of Peace. I Dont know about you but I carry a lot of worry around with me and stress. Sometimes negative things go through my mind all the time and I lose the battle of taking those thoughts captive. Sometimes I'm in pain that won't go away even with meds or I'm on the brink of pneumonia and I'm scared I won't make it this time. Do I run to Him and seek shelter in His loving arms...honestly not usually . instead I fret and worry about all the what ifs and worst case scenarios thinking I'm making sure I'm prepared for whatever may unfold. You know once Jesus got the message to me I feel more at peace. I guess I just put Him in a box and I forget that He has a lot of names. He isn't just one way like we like to think of him. Some see Him as a dictator..some as a judge just waiting for you to mess up so he can punish you. But the truth is He is many things because he made everything.., so Jesus. please be my prince of peace .
 Above you can see some of the progress on the Patchouli. I love thesealgerian eyelats
 And here is the whole sampler. Thank you Lord for this talent..may I use it to honor and glorify You

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oh Boy! A Stitching Floor Stand!

 Last weekend I went to my LNS to work on my needlepoint. Dawn Rogers, the shop owner of A Stitch Above Needlepoint in Cincinnati, Ohio set up one of the stores floor  stands for me to stitch on. I loved it so much Jim bought me one. You will see more pics of it all set up below. She is very nice and her store is phenomanol.
 I bought some stuff from their trunk sale. I got this sewing box and the blue one inside it was only five dollars for both. What a deal.
 The large sewing box.
 A needleroll I got. I just love shepherds bush designs. Only $5!
 Progress on Patchouli Sampler....
 And at last my new Stowaway stitching frame.
All set up with the floor stand oh what fun:)
I love those orange boxes. I got them at Joann fabrics last year. Great for storing stitch stuff.
A close up  of me stitching the Patchouli....

 Another block in my sampler. I love the beautiful metallics.

 A casserole Jim and I are working on to enter into the Casserole Cook off at our church on. It turned out really well.