Saturday, March 30, 2013

 Here is the sampler from Cross Country Stitching. Its coming right along. I enjoy this e black backstitching. I've always loved shaker style things. I like those little pine shelves and furniture with the hearts in them. Well the designs in this magazine are like that...rustic country:-)

Below is "Let's Sew" by Ursula Michael. I am using a silk floss by Carrie's Collection called New Vision . Kayona gave me that thread with the HOE Christmas ornament exchange and lots more of pretty and soft silk:-) :-) :-) It glides through like butter. Kayo a makes the cutest cross stitch button legs ornamenrs

 Here is what Old Glory looks like.
 Here is the Old Glory pattern.
 This is one of my biological sister's( Barbi )after the funeral meal.

 We are getting our pictures taken by Barbi's husband, Frank and their son, Sonny
 And again....
 Here Is the five of us. And Barbi giving Jim bunny ears:-)

 Barbi (Mom) with son, Sonny.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sad News

 Honey BBQ chicken

 Cheesy breaded chicken breast I made for the first time. Baked in the oven. It was super juice:-)

 Here is a ladybug I stitched from the DMC mentors kit. I plan to make a cute ornament out of it to demonstrate what it can be turned into. Here is what the mentors kit comes like. The front has a very nice identification pin. Inside are six kits to teach people how to stitch and a booklet with more patterns.

The sad news today is that yesterday morning my biological sisters husband killed himself in front of her. He had been ill and depressed and afraid he had cancer and he watched his sister suffer and die from it this year. He didn't want his wife to have to do that. He also had just gotten out of the hospital after having double pneumonia and previously last year open heart surgery. She is just heartbroken and very traumatized. Please pray for her. For those who Don't know I am adopted. She wasn't so lucky and was severely abused as a child. She's a survivor though. I Dont know her well but I do love her. Please pray for her to at some point see that God loves her despite what has happened. He never chose any of this for her life. The consequence of us having choice to make decisions  is that often times we make wrong ones. Some say suicide is an unforgivable sin. I say there is no sin too great for Christ to forgive, less the cross be pointless. The brain is an organ just like any other and sometimes it just fails. He was on a lot of medication too. Pray for healing for this family, its seen too much pain in this lifetime.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Here is my latest design finished. I still need to finish it off. It will be an ornament done flat or as a pin keep. I got it from the blog Happiness is cross stitching.

 This is a wip kit I have had for awhile and started a few years ago. I have made some progress on it. Sure is a beautiful wolf. I hope to finish her this month.
 Sorry for the side photo. Not sure what happened. This is from Jerimiah Junctions magazine Cross County Stitching. I plan to finish this on a eooden box top. I will have more info on ,y designs next time.....
 Jim and I went to half price books today . we each had a half off coupon. I was blessed to find some very nice patterns.
 This book has some great stuff in it. I have a lot of Helems books. Each gift has a small cross stitch motif on them.
 I just love this little guy.
 I really like LHN patterns. This will be a nice quick stitch.
 Isn't she cute ...I have another one of these during a different season.
 I can hardly wait to start sewing me some of these. The apron on the front reminds me of a denim jacket my ,mom dressed up with rose appliques. Wish I still had that coat. It was really cool. Anyhoo...there are some French country aprons I can't wait to make. They have pretty ruffles on them.
 This is my second favorite chart I found on sale. I love their designs .:-)

 And here is my favorite acquisition ......Rosewood Manor "Watch Over Me" Karen Kluba is the nicest person and such an amazing designer. All of her charts are based on quilts.
Jim thank you for spoiling me rotten. You treat me like a princess. I love you with all my heart. And thank you God for blessing me with a love of needlework  and an amazingly awesome husband.:-)

My half off coupon went to purchase a $42 paper/fabric cutter by Fiskars and it was half off that  because everything is at least half off original price there..hence the name....that brought it to $21 then half off with my coupon... We paid $10 and some change.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Victorian motto giveaway

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

 I received this lovely SB from Mellisa Cahill last week. Sorry for not getting it posted right away. I have been quite ill with kidney stones which in turn flared up my Multiple Sclerosis. Its absolutely beautiful Melissa. I just love it and it really put a smile on my face when I've been feeling so poorly. The back fabric is very nice and my favorite is the delicate cream braid around the ornament and little green velvet bow. Thank you so much.

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