Monday, December 31, 2012

christmas tins

I just love this tin. It reminds me of when I was a little girl at Christmastime. Its embossed and so pretty. I plan to pad the inside bottom with pretty fabric in both. I got these at Wallgreens on sale.
 I had been thinking about buying a rice cooker for a while. This was only $4! What a steal. I believe rice is on the menu tonight:-)
 Doesn't this spoon rest look adorable. It matches my little tea set I got last year for Christmas.
I hope you all have a wonderful , happy, and SAFE new year 2013


Is anyone else having trouble with g+ photos not loading when posting with android apps with their tablets or phones? I started using it and at first had no problem...but now my posts fail to publish when using these photos. Ex g+ allows me to acsess my photos taken from my phone camera on my tablet. So I have a tablet that runs android apps. I've used different ones having the same problem with each. I hope someone can help.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all..I really love and appreciate all my blogging friends. You all make my day. And God thank you for bringing your Son to a manger. He lived the life of a servant of love to all...even those that rejected him . Your plan was for Him to go to the cross and give up His life to pardon our sin. You became a man...struggled with all the things we have yo struggle with yet never sinned...set the example to love and serve you and our neighbor...even those who aren't nice. Lord let me live like that too. Before I get angry let me remember your love and then act out of that love. Let me remember the reason we celebrate this day. Happy Birthday Jesus. Just think how peaceful this world would be if we all knew and lived with the intent to love like Jesus does. I challenge each one of you to remember what this day is for. To live this life with His love in your heart. Where we live on a world where people are killing our children in their classrooms we need Jesus more than ever. Remember the Sunday school song. They'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love. They'll know we are Christians by our love. Join with me in determining to love our neighbors with Gods love that lives inside us each day:-)

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Turtle Trot

I have decided to do the turtle trot over at Bap Attack

Here are the rules

Here are my thirteen WIPs
1.Golden Pear-Leisure Arts
3.Country Patchwork-Candamar Designs
4.Country Geese-Current
5.Snowman in Window-Designs for the Needle
6.Trick or Treat-Ursula Michael
7.Amazing Grace-Barbara Baatz & Linda Gillum
8.small design by Marjolein bastin
9.Baby Bluebird-Diane Brakefield from For the love of x stitch may 89
10.Crocks and Crows-Poppy Kreations
11.Cedar Sampler-Elizabeths Designs
12.Old Glory-Rosewood Manor
13.Halloween Sampler-Rosewood Manor

So that's what I will be working to finish for 2013. Some I know I will get done right away because there isn't a lot to go but others will take a while still.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Start

I kitted up a new start by Sheepish Designs called I Spy fifty-seventh exemplary. I'm using some kind of evenweave but I Dont know what because I got it on eBay in a lot sale. I like stitching on it though. The needle slides through Luke butter:-) Take a look and tell me what you think it is. Wish I could take it somewhere to find out.

The holes are large and the weave seems to be loose. Anyhoo. I'd love to try to figure it out..oh and the fabric is thick and scratchy like there might be some wool in it. Well tell me what you think

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Monday, December 10, 2012

New starts

Here are the next two cross stitch kits I'm starting soon as I finish up my exchange.

Aren't the colors lovely:-)

And here is me and Lila playing...

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Jim got a really nice award the other day from work. There was a program he and some others worked on and they all got an award for excellence and for getting the program running quickly. The base is a beautiful lacquered wood and the block is a heavy glass that is lazer etched. It lights up with a red light to show off the part they worked on. His name is on the front along with his company's name. I'm so proud of him. He works so hard. He is the company's corporate packaging engineer.

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My Pressie Arrival

Kayona from sent me a wonderful exchange for HOE. She made me a beautiful angel with button legs.

The back has a cute button on it.

She also sent me some beautiful fabric fat quarters. Yum the colors are delicious.

Also she sent me this adorable trio of snow birds. Birds are my favorite. As a matter of fact last Christmas I spent my gift money obtaining a lot of bird themed cross stitch patterns and kits. These guys are so cute..

There were buttons, a tassel, and DMC gold metallic thread and a sweet card. I love the doggies and the sheep .

And she also gave me a boatload of fibers! There is silk floss by Carries Creations, Victorian Motto floss, Caron Water lilies, and a bunch of DMC.

Kayona..what a pretty name and thank you so very much for.all of it. My husband watched me open it and he said I looked so happy. I love it all and feel very blessed. You are a very talented stitcher....I would love to have your email address.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of creating

I finally got dome things done..Jim's been needing some things for his cpap mask..there's a spot where one of the straps wears on his neck so I made some cushions for him.

I also found a tutorial to make scrunchies...

I sewed some pillows up for Christmas..

I pulled out a project that was a scarf for Jim..I want to make it wider and crochet not knit...

Also another pillow top and a potholder that needs binding

And yesterday I pinned up this quilt. I am using an old comfortable for the batting. Do you recognize the fabric, Harriett? Iris gave it to you and you gave it to me. I'm using a fall charlie brown fabric for the back and I can't wait to start that so I can hand quilt it. I love the rhythm of the needle in sewing. It is so relaxing and I love watching the designs come to life.

Blessed stitching. Next up will be two new samplers.

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