Friday, December 27, 2013

Giveaway ....Merry Christmas ....missing daddy..

 Merry Christmas all. Here is a cute storage box from Jim.
 And here is the two boxes from Jim and a House Mouse stamper and a Christmas Mouse from my ds Pam. I love them both so much.

 Isn't the mouse cute atop my boxes🎅
 Years ago we bought this adorable Santa that moves all around. One of my favorite decorations.
 In front of our fireplace decorations. My poor doe lost its ear as the cat played near it and broke it.
 All my pressies from jim and Pam....I'm so spoils🙌
 One of our nativities.,,,,,
 Decorations on table in kitchen.........
 And more.......
 Christmas stitching from years ago.

 My ornie tree...still missing some
 Our Christmas tree. Its a prelit with red and white but middle didn't work so jim added blue lights. Since daddy was a ww2 vet the tree was perfect.

 My fav village. Daddy bought it for me in 99. Its fiber optic absolutely amazing looking!!!

Finally last but not least I have a giveaway for all my canine loving friends. I bought these for Lila... But they were too small. They claim to be size lg but recommended breeds are snauser, Scottie dog, lasa also. Jack Russell or pug. If you own a dog that size go ahead and leave a comment. To gain five entries please refer to this giveaway with link posted back to here . drawing will be on January 13th my birthday.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ornaments and a scissor holder

 Got a Christmas card from my good friend Harriett. Her and I used to sew a lot together.  But both of our health have prevented lately but we are still good friends. She made me a lovely ornament of a cat. We are both cat lovers.
Here is a Scissors case I just finished stitching. It by Heartland House Designs and came from the JCS Sept/Oct 1987 issue. I think it turned out lovely.

 One of my fav morning starters. Jif peanut butter and crumbled graham crackers mixed together with a dollup of cool whip.  It goes great with hazelnut coffee with international delight creamer...flavor pumpkin. Can we say Yum!
 And a couple of days ago we woke up to Lila running about. She had caught this little fella. She didn't hurt it just scared it. I put it in this container ..Jim poked holes in the top and put it in another room and shut the door while I figured out what to do with it. After a few hours I checked on it and it was revived. So I took it out to the woods way back and it took off like a wold banshee☺ I'm not big for killing any of Gods creatures. It really was a cute little fella. Apologies to those of you who jumped when laying your eyes upon his picture.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

It May Be Cold Outside But......

Well hello everyone. Wishing you warmth and joy in this Christmas season. We had quite a snow storm last weekend. Here in Indiana we got 10 inches. Here is what it looked like outside.
 These pics are from my living room looking out the front window. The spot that looks like the moon is just a reflection of the flash.
 Look at the snow built up on the hummingbird feeder.
 Here I decided to play around and add a snow effect. Look at all the beautiful snow on the hemlock tree... Below the pics of Pam and Jim.. Just beautiful. I was thankful my husbands car has all wheel drive and thankful it hit on a Friday so we didn't have to go out in the storm. We just sat at home and enjoyed the warmth..occasionally venturing out to give Lila a potty break. I usually use my boots and swipe back and forth to make a path so she doesn't have to freeze her little footies off. Here is Pam and Jim sporting their new quilted rice shoulder heat pads. Pam helped sew most of hers. I found the tutorial to make these at crafty endeavor. They make great Christmas gifts so go check out the blog so you can make yours. Pam doesn't sew much and she found it very easy to follow the directions and make.
Isn't pam cute with her rice shoulder pad. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JCS ornament issue 1986

 Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a good afternoon. I have spent a while this afternoon playing with photo editing and hanging out at The Stitchers Village. I'm working on completing all the ornaments in the 1986 JCS ornament issue. Then I will move on to the 85 issue. I thought the 86 issue was the first one. After that I'm going to go in order and make them all or at least the ones I like. I would love to know if any of you have photos of ornaments you've made from the first five ornament issues? If so I would like to show them off on my blog. Just email your photos and any information on the ornaments to If you have stories about them also include those as well..such as who you stitched it for or where you received them from.

The ornament above is Christmas Snowman by Studio Seven. JCS 86
 This ornament is called Under The Tree by The Stitcherhood. This was a freebie design someone passed along to me.
 Christmas Mittens by Lindy Jane Designs JCS 86
Sew Fine Designs
JCS ornament issue 86
 Christmas Bell
Prairie Schooler
JCS ornament issue 86
 Here I'd a quicky christmas coaster I whipped up a few days back. I have another in the working that is green and gold.
And I leave you with my sweet Miss Kitty sleeping on my lap cuddled up in my flannel shirt. Have a blessed day.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas ornaments

Here is a book my sweet hubby got me. My favorite author Debbie Macombers new release. I love her Christmas books.

 Here you can see my new magnet board pattern stand. I love it. I used to have a flat magnet board to use with my patterns but I like this so very much more. And this is the JCS 1986 ornament addition . You can see two patterns I've done already
....the Christmas mittens and the peace ornaments on the cover.
 Christmas Mittens designsnowman

Christmas Snowman by studio seven

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Mittens
Lindy Jane Designs
JCS Nov/Dec 1986 ornament issue
Perforated paper 14ct tan

Here is my next ornament made. I used perforated paper with this one and it comes with another matching mitten. I'm just not done with that one yet. I'm really enjoying myself making these ornaments. I can't help but think about all the other cross stitchers from years past who also stitched this pattern. This one came from the JCS Nov/Dec ornament issue of 1986 . How many of you stitched this years ago or have had this handed down from family ornaments? Years ago I wouldn't have bothered stitching these older "out of style patterns" lol but its funny how one's tastes change over the years. If you have stitched this one or have it in your possession I would love to hear stories about it. Since ordering that JCS DVD of all the issues from 2001-2010 plus all the ornament issues I've decided I want to try to get this other years of ornament issues. I have 86 and 87 but nothing past that until 2001-2010 ,2012, and 2013. I believe they started in 85. Does anyone know when the Halloween ones started.

Sarah Beth

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

 Hi everyone. It sure has been a while since I've blogged. Not sure why. I guess I have just been busy with other things. My new goal for the year is going to be A Year of Ornaments. I've looked through my old JCS mags and decided to start there so my first design here is ....

Sew Fine Designs
14ct Aida
JCS ornament issue Nov./Dec. 1986
 This one I have no idea where I got the pattern but I made it for my sister, Pam. She loves hot air balloons, bright orange, and reading.

 This was a really fun freebie that someone RAKed me  a long time ago.
Under The Tree
The Stitcherhood
14ct cream aida
 Here is an ornament I need to finish. I still have the floss and I know the general shape. The picture is turned on its side for some reason. The pattern came out around 97 or 98. So soon you will see it finished.
This snowman is also from the 86 JCS

Christmas Snowman
Studio Seven
Light blue 28ct evenweave

Monday, September 30, 2013

Long time away..back now

Here is the sampler I have been working on. I am loving cross stitching this quilt. Rosewood Manor's designs are all based on quilts. Yesterday while recouping from a flu bug I started and almost completed the Ghost Walk block. I love using the Weeks Dye Works floss. The variegation looks so pretty..almost gives it a Batik look.
Here is the stitching close up. Don't you just love the black work.
Introducing our newest kitten. This is Butterscotch. She came with a litter of kittens this summer outside. We were able to rescue three of them. The two boys went to Indy Humane Society which is a no kill shelter. PAAIN rescue group of Greensburg was so kind to transport them to indy humane for us. She was too hard to catch so we ended up working to gain her trust and adopting her. We have her in her own room right now so our other two kitties can get used to her scent. Our one cat, Pumpkin growled and hissed something terrible when we first tried to introduce her to the family. Pumpkin is her cousin or Aunt.
We went on vacation for our 16th wedding anniversary to Sault Ste.Marie , Michigan. We went to the Soo Locks to watch the Great Lakes Freighters lock up and down 21 feet to either Lake Superior or Lake Huron. We hadn't even in quite a while. Pam Jim's oldest sister ad my best friend came with us.
Here we are at our anniversary dinner. We had fish and chips. Delicious.  

I took a panoramic of one of the ships. This was a 1000 footer.