Monday, April 30, 2012

And try number two

Well my phone screen was dirty causing the camera to not focus right. Here are my new purchases again.

See how nicely my large casserole dish fits. I'm so excited. It even has a rotisserie for chicken.

Here is the recipe I'm using tonite.

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Redi set go express

Jim bought us some cooking goodies yesterday that we really needed. First off last month our toaster died after almost fifteen years of use. Also a few months back our toaster/convection oven overheated. It was much older than that. So is our new toaster convention oven. All my biggest casserole dishes fit inside with room to spare.

And he also bought me the express redi set go. We have been wanting this for a while now. I made yummy omelets and m&m cookies.

Of course the omelets were so good we ate them right up before I could get a photo. But the cookies turned out yummy.


Chicken cordon bleu

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Rough morning with Sheba

I feel like the worlds worst mommy. We've been giving Sheba gapentin for pain and she has been weak in her back legs on and off in the mornings. It seems to manage the pain but not go well with her in other ways. The first day was too much then the next two better as I reduced the dose. All this was happening after a chemo infusion so we didn't know what was causing what. Last night she seemed more uncomfortable and so i gave her a touch more and this morning she had an awful time walking due to weakness in her back legs.

Let me just say this....

CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

So today I will really have to help her till the neurontin gets out of her system.

I just feel so frustrated and terrible for giving her something that made her feel bad.

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Chemo and books

Rent a half pricebooks yesterday while sheba was having chemo. 1 of the books I got is called The Psalms for Today by Mark Link. In my meditation time I had a good talk with the Lord. It seems that I am trying to control things that are in God's hands only. So I've decided to submit to his will. I realize I need to trust him and quit trying to do it on my own. Cancer can be so hard. It breaks your heart. For those of you who don't usually read my blog my medical service dog has terminal cancer. We are doing everything we can to keep her comfy and with a good quality of life. Also I got a bunch of needle crafting books. Have a look see.

I am looking forward to lots of fun crafting real soon. The parchment painting looks awesome. I think i will do those in watercolor. The crazy patchwork is step by step with high gloss pictures like on many of the blog tutorials I see.

I got some other Christian books and a really cool Serendipity Bible . It has lots of discussion questions for group study or individual study.

I also got a wonderful RAN from Marley at

Thanks so much Marley. You shouldp check out her blog I've been reading it since I began blogging over a year ago. She has a nice option on it to receive it by email each post. I follow a few blogs that I get by email and i love read it.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some stitching and a Sheba report

Hi there everyone I've been working on an exchange piece and starting working on a baby shower gift. Here is the exchange I am working on.

Here is my next project. My niece is having a baby and her shower is Saturday.

And here is Sheba today. She says hi.

Here is miss k lounging on the chaise lounge

And here is pumpkin also on the chaise. She saw me photographing miss k and had to get in on the action.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sheba doing well

Couldn't resist taking this picture of Sheba sleeping. Isn't she adorable.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dont forget to sign up for my giveaway.
I will draw the winner on the 30th of April.

Pray for Jim and I. The stress worrying about Sheba is really getting to us. Cancer really sucks. We try to be positive around her because she can sense our worry or grief and then feel bad herself. We don't
that. I'm jouraling to get he emotions my feelings out on paper otherwise I'm going to end up with an ulcer for sure. Just need support. Thanks....

Blessed Stitchig

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ellie dixon

Please visit this blog and consider mailing this little girl struggling with a rare brain tumor a card.


Ellie Dixon
97 Priory Lodge
Co. Kildare

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Giveaway time

Yes its a giveaway. I realize I missed by blogoversery date. So in light of that I will be giving away this beautiful Donna Killer book of Christmas stockings. Her designs are awesome. I will be adding extra surprise goodies too.

Here's the rules:
Leave a comment for one entry.
Add a link to my blog advertising my giveaway for two entries.

Here is a sample of one of the lovely stockings.

On to the rest of the purchases from the library and a wonderful giveaway I won.

I also got this college course on writing. I would love to become an author someday and write Christian mysteries.

And Pam gave me the cutest children's book. Can you guy which character plays the instrument that I play?

I won a giveaway from:

Thank-you so much Joyce. I love everything you have sent to me.

I sure have been spoiled. I can't hardly decide what to stitch next. Please go visit Joyce's blog and say hello.

I will end with last nights sunset and a pic of Sheba and I.

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Beautiful flowers

I was really moved when i saw these ribbon flowers. Aren't they gorgeous.

More from Pam's visit...

We went to the library for their book sale and i hit the jackpot with all these old needlework books. This one is on bargello. I had been trying to figure out what that was when i got a needlepoint book and i saw one of the designs done with vertical lines instead of continental stitches.I'm slow glad I can learn how now. Pam liked this so much she borrowed it.

Here is the lineup of books I got.

This bazaar book has the cutest pin cushions.

More books....

More to come in next post plus a ......

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