Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A note, an invite, and more

I got the nicest note from my friend Marie. She knows I have two kitties and love animals. She is such an encourager.

I also got an invite for a meal for the library staff in Dec. I am a volunteer and friend of the library. I am looking forward to that. I love libraries. I spent most of my growing up years in one.

It just started to rain. It was real breezy outside when I took Sheba out for her morning potty break. I sure do love fall. Here she is hoping to get more.

I will take pictures of the play tonite that I am doing at Oldenburg Academy. I am playing in the pit.

Here is some pics of the magazines I got at half price books for fifty cents a piece. What a deal. A six month subscription costs twenty five dollars now.

Also wanted to show my friend Iris's snowflaking needlework.

Isn't it lovely. What a neat thing to do with gigham.

My mom had some major surgery last week and a nasty cancer scare. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Scared the heck out of me when I found out. We don't have the best relationship but I love her and my dad very much.

Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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  1. hello dear. very lovely card..
    and what so lucky :)
    beautiful stitching and i love the stitching on the gingham too..
    enjoy the meal in dec..
    keep well xx

  2. Aw...sweet! You have such great friends and admirers! You always share your sweet gifts with us! Blessings to you and your friend is quite the creative lady! Love the kitty too! Hugs Anne

  3. I was praying for your mom. I am sorry I did not mention that earlier when I left a comment here. I was trying t figure out where I saw that kitten card!
    How is your mom?