Monday, December 26, 2011

A visit with family.

Well today we went to meet Daddy and Pam halfway between Michigan and Indiana. I will post more on that later. Wanted to show you some of my magazines and the cool free stuff that came with them.

First off I was ecstatic to find my new year gift of a hardback calendar by Margaret Sherry. I adore her designs and can't wait to stitch some. I love the puppy ones and I am a cat fan so those would be fun too.

Here are the other kits and magazine.

And here's a picture of Jim while he was driving.

Doesn't this phone take amazing pictures. I love it. Jim you are such a sweetheart. He bought me this beautiful and very pricey phone and since I got that early he gave me a bunch of other presents. We have a joke among us that we giggle about every Christmas. About six years ago we found this cute stuffed piggy in Santa type clothes. When you pull its tail it squeals. It seems I am the most spoiled in the family because I always get the most presents. We usually go around and take turns opening gifts. Before we found this stuffed pig Jim always called me the Christmas piggy. Now he squeals the piggy when everyone runs out except me. So the Christmas Piggy traditionally has to be set out every year. Here it is.

Blessed Stitching and more to come soon,
Sarah Beth

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  1. sound like you had a fun time..lovely mag and kit..enjoy reading them..
    love cucki xx

  2. Cool mags, and looks like great projects. Love your Christmas piggy. It's adorable!!! And your phone does take amazing piccys. Grats!

  3. Such nice stitchy gifts you got! The Razr camera pics are very nice too. My mom is usually the last to open gifts, not because she has more, but because she keeps getting up and down, doing things like getting coffee, taking care of the pets, answering the phone, checking the oven, etc. Moms are always the busiest!