Sunday, January 8, 2012


I wonder if any of you out there in blogland can help me with a project. I have these older cross stitch pictures that I got from sales. They have yellowed and I want to clean them and make them up into something new. Here they are.

This next one is a pillowcase I was embroidering. I dont know what stained it.

And here is an old Candlewicking kit I found .

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  1. Wow they all so beautiful .. I am not sure how to make them white...
    May be some other blogger friend can help you with it..
    Good luck
    Hugs cucki xxx

  2. I had a ufo (in aida) that was yellowed or had some kind of yellow stain and I used a little Tide and Oxyclean in cold water. I let it soak for a while then I let it soak in clean water and it came out clean and white. I have also done this with dawn and oxyclean on aida and it also has worked for me. You might want to post on a cross stitch yahoo group or a message board like and see what others say.

  3. I was gonna suggest Oxyclean too, so that may be your answer. Good luck, however you try and whiten them!!

  4. I would reccomned getting your hands on some Orvus this is a HORSE shampoo that you can pick up in tack stores/farmers co-ops. Its a gentle cleaner and won't make any dammage to the fabric/threads. I've gotten out blood orange and chocolate stains out of stitching with it. I'll often spot treat then soak it in cold water/orvus for hours. Rinse and soak again.

    Hope this helps

  5. I love Precious Moments cross stitches! I like to make them and send them to Love Quilts or Angel Quilts. I hope you can figure out how to whiten them!