Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our trip to Michigan.

We went to Michigan the last weekend of January to see daddy for his 90th birthday. We encountered some snow along the way. Here is a pic of us stopped at a rest stop about half way there.

We all had such a good time. It was wonderful. One really nice thing about it was hanging out with my sister and best friend Pam. We both enjoy crafts a lot so I took pics of her crafts, moms, and ones I made her.

This is Pammy my sister and best friend. Aren't those little birds glued on the railing cute. We love birdies.

This is a cute polar bear I stitched for Pam a while ago.

These are pictures of my husbands grandma's lace. The last picture has some tatting that his late mother made. I had been asking Pam about learning to tat and that is why she showed it all to me. She even gave me a shuttle to start.

This is a project Pam worked on for a long time. It is the Delta Kappa Gamma teachers society for teachers. She has belonged to it for quite some time. That's all for now I need to get to bed. Went to urgent care and they told me I have pneumonia. Please pray for me to get better.
Blessed stitching
Sarah Beth

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