Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old things found

The other day we had our water people out to run line from our reverse osmosis to the fridge for the ice box. Well they had to go through the cabinets and a few drawers. I had them dump the drawers out so I could reorganize them and I found some long forgotten dish warmers I made.

Here is the back. I used different threads on the top and in the bobbin to give this effect and I used a varigated quilting thread for the back.

Here is a close up of the kit I stitched. It was just one of those simple dollar jobbies.

This is my next project....well all that I can tell you about it because its a surprise for someone. Aren't the colors lovely though.

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  1. Those are really adorable! Hershey kisses with a Christmas mouse. The last picture is fabric and floss, not the dollar kit you mentioned.

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Those are lovely and your next project looks very pretty.

  3. Hello

    I love your dish warmers they are great.
    Your fabric and thread look lovely together.
    Happy weekend.

    Holly x