Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ft. Wayne Bound

Jim and I prayed that I would be better enough to travel and meet half way to visit dad and Pam. And after resting Thursday and Friday we decided I could handle the drive:-) :-) :-)

So off we went. While riding in the car I put some of the finishing touches on the Anniversary Sampler.

Here Lila and I are outside just before leaving. She is so amazing and looks so cool in her vest.

The food at Golden Corral was really good but the visiting was the best. We stayed for 3 whole hours:-)

We had such a good time we hated to say goodbye. On the way home FedEx called about a package. My Christmas present came early. Jim let me have it early....what was it you say?

A Nexus 7 Google tablet:-) :-) :-) :-) I love it and cant stop playing with it. Jim is so amazing. He really helped comfort me when I was hurting and spoiled me too. Thanks Jim for my awesome tablet.

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  1. Sarah, I am so glad that you have returned with God's grace in your heart, to help you through your days. And, especially happy that you have shared your beautiful sewing and stitching.... love the anniversary X stitch, it is perfect. You all look healthy and happy, hurrah! You report that you X stitch in the car--wow! I can knit a simple something in the car, but at time following charts sitting on my couch, never mind in the car. You are good. Have a great day today.