Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Start

I kitted up a new start by Sheepish Designs called I Spy fifty-seventh exemplary. I'm using some kind of evenweave but I Dont know what because I got it on eBay in a lot sale. I like stitching on it though. The needle slides through Luke butter:-) Take a look and tell me what you think it is. Wish I could take it somewhere to find out.

The holes are large and the weave seems to be loose. Anyhoo. I'd love to try to figure it out..oh and the fabric is thick and scratchy like there might be some wool in it. Well tell me what you think

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  1. Sorry, I don't know what the fabric is. I hope someone can identify it for you so you can order it again. How nice that the needle slides through like butter!

  2. Not sure what the fabby is, but your new start looks like a fun stitch.