Thursday, November 29, 2012

Needlemasters SAL

I was able to get my book done for the needle masters SAL. Here it is

I can't wait to get started on this. The idea is to try two different needle arts per month. The book has a page per month to affix designs and decorate.

Please pray for me as I have an upper respiratory/sinus infection and I Dont want it to turn into pneumonia like it did last year.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ft. Wayne Bound

Jim and I prayed that I would be better enough to travel and meet half way to visit dad and Pam. And after resting Thursday and Friday we decided I could handle the drive:-) :-) :-)

So off we went. While riding in the car I put some of the finishing touches on the Anniversary Sampler.

Here Lila and I are outside just before leaving. She is so amazing and looks so cool in her vest.

The food at Golden Corral was really good but the visiting was the best. We stayed for 3 whole hours:-)

We had such a good time we hated to say goodbye. On the way home FedEx called about a package. My Christmas present came early. Jim let me have it early....what was it you say?

A Nexus 7 Google tablet:-) :-) :-) :-) I love it and cant stop playing with it. Jim is so amazing. He really helped comfort me when I was hurting and spoiled me too. Thanks Jim for my awesome tablet.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

We didn't get to travel to Michigan as I was saying in the earlier post though we did have a really nice holiday. My SI joints became really inflamed and so I was unable to travel the distance in the car. I was upset at first because I had my heart set on seeing all the family but God gave me peace and I accepted that we couldn't go. One thing I was looking forward to was the traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings. Before the MS I would make huge family dinners for the holidays and loved every minute of it but now I Dont do that anymore. So back to the meal. Thursday morning Jim got up and went to Kroger and found all these prepacked fixings ready to be put together...really yummy stuff. I was really wanting a turkey breast in the bone and Jim was so tickled when they had that too. He came home at 10:30am and woke me up to show me all the goodies he had gotten that God provided. By 11:45am dinner was on the table. Have a look...we had a wonderful restful and thankful day.

Wow it was all so delicious. What a wonderful meal and time together. Just goes to show that even if things dont work out the way we plan...God has better plans.

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Holiday Joy.

Jim and I had such a wonderful holiday. The credit goes first and foremost to God for sure. Lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all my medical issues. Our new church offers real biblical counseling where they train counselors through schooling to use the scriptures to solve life's conflicts and troubles. I have been looking for something like that for quite some time now. So when we started going to this church recently and found that available we signed up . it has helped me so very much to deal with things better. God changed my perspective and attitude and through His Word gave me promises to hang onto that has given me hope and joy. What a blessing his Word is. With those promises written on my heart the burden I had been carrying around of fear and what if has been lifted. Now that I'm less stressed I am more productive so let me show you what I got finished last week.

These are some curtains I made a few months back but they still needed the curtain rod sleeve to be put on the back. Here they are and I love how the light filters through them.

Next post will be tempting to your tummy....
Sarah Beth

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Test post

I'm running a test post from my new tablet.

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