Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby its cold outside!

The winter weather poured lots of snow on today. My neighbor was nice enough to plow the driveway....but an hour later you could barely tell. We probably got 16 inches! I think snow is just so pretty. It puts me in awe of our Creator. No two snowflakes are alike . Gods creativity is awesome. I'm thankful for the creativity he has given me. Thought you might enjoy these photos of my snow filled yard.

 Here is a small ornament kit that is finished...just needs to be sewn up. I believe I found it at Goodwill for a buck. I love candlewicking.

 Here is my tusal late of course. Empty and ready to go for the new year.
 And here is last years orts all tucked away to be used as filling for small pincushions at a later date. Does anyone else have some creative ideas for using old orts...I have heard of using a glass ornament and stuffing the orts inside for each year...maybe I will do that.
 My mouse that my DSIL gave me for Christmas. Also some cute boxes bought on sale at JoAnn's. I've always admired Mouse's blog and all the mice people have given her. Now I have my own stitching mouse.....eek! Speaking of mice...we live across of a field and there is somewhere in the house they are getting in. My service dog, Lila, caught one this morning early then then promptly put it on the bed...ugh! That's the third mouse caught..we will be hunting for where they are getting in tomorrow.

I found these when looking for christmas decorations. I made these a while ago and I think I will take them out and wash them then turn them into quilted wall hangings.

Here is the fairy gardens my dsil and I made at the Delta Kappa Gamma fall arts retreat. We had a lot of fun making crafts and getting to know all the other ladies.
Here are some books I got at my fav book store...Half priced books. I think I would like to try my hand at doll making this year. The quilting book is from the 80s. I love how patterns are timeless. Of course we use fabrics that are more current.. I love the vintage patterns.
Magazines and look at that lovely quilting book of log cabin style quilts....
Inside of one of the books for needlecrafts...I love the illustrations.
Here is a project that looks fun from the first quilting book I showed earlier.

This lap quilting book came with some very nice template pages for each quilt. They are very thick and heavy duty. I can't wait to try something from it.
A quilt pattern I want to comes Santa Claus ...
A cute sewing tools set. Those never go out of style!
  More vintage quilt books. The sewing set above comes from this quilt book.

This watercolor book is really nice. It also has templates to practice on and to Use to trace designs. I love the artwork of Marjolein Bastin. Its beautiful watercolor of nature and animals. I want to learn to paint and draw like that. The quilt book is one for kids. Really nice looking quilts.
This bird book I've had my eye on for quite some time. As you'll see below the pictures are gorgeous. The cross stitch book is a Donna Miller. I have almost all her books now. This one is perfect for a teaches everything you need to know in steps and projects. From changing colors to stitching on evenweaves to specialty stitches. Its a must have for any serious stitchers library.

A cute pattern applique and a quilt I plan to make this year.

More quilt books and crafts....
Thimbleberries is one of the best and this is a great addition to my collection. Hope you've all had a great new year. I'm thinking this one will be a great one.


  1. Pretty snow! And oh my...that's a lot of magazines and books. I've not been one to use magazines for projects except for the occasional holiday issue. I bet you are excited about all the fun ideas!

  2. Loved all the pictures and the wonderful visit with you!

  3. Great post Sarah Beth. Love all your new books. Really like the snow pics. I sometimes wish that I lived somewhere where it got lots of snow as long as we didn't have to go out in it.