Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pincushions Galore

 I received this pincushion from a pincushion swap that Bea runs. You can find that swap page Here . You can see who gave who what on the link above. I love the beautiful embroidery and this is my very first Biscornu.

 I am doing hand percussion and flute and some back up singing for praise band at church. So Jim bought me a dejimbe. I picked it out. Jim said I picked the best sounding one. I've always had a really good ear.

This pincushion is the from the February swap. The other side is down below had trouble with the pictures loading right. 

 This  pincushion is a cathedral window design and I absolutely love it. My partner picked the design to represent my love for God.

 I finally decided to buy this book. It helped me to decide what to stitch on my round robin sampler.
 Look at the beautiful detail. I love it.

 Got these transfers books at half price books. Can't wait to give them a go.
 A pincushion I made for the march swap. I love how it turned out.

 My DSIL made this beautiful shawl for me. I think its beautiful.

 Here's the front of the pincushion. And scissors to match...I'm spoiled.

Above is my band sampler for my round robin. There are six people involved . You can see more about this at The Stitchers Village. Look in their forums and you'll find our RR. When its all done I will chart it and offer it as a free chart at TSV. Its a great place to meet and interact with other stitchers from all over the world. They even  have a bingo every month. I've won several times from it.

Well next post will cover a surprise I got in the mail from Mom in Michigan.......


  1. Aww I love pin cushion so much
    My fav :)
    You looking do lovely
    Hugs x

  2. Those are beautiful. Happy Easter