Friday, June 10, 2011

Stitching and organizing.

Still can't post what I'm stitching. My one exchange hasn't reached Australia yet though I'm hoping real soon. My stitchMAP pillow swap is done and ready to be mailed. My hoe snowman ornament is almost done and will soon go out in the mail too.

I was out walking in the yard and thought I would share some of the sights....

Does anyone know what plant this is. It's is different but very pretty.

I love daisies anytime..

Course I have to include a pic of the sweetest smelling rose ever, the Tropicana Rose. I have on in a vase in the bathroom and it give the whole area a sweet fragrance.

I am going through my collection of favorite cross stitch Magazines and writing down which ones I am missing and which projects I want to do in each one. Right now I am looking at April 1998.

The first one I want to tackle is Easter Sampler by Barbara Core.

Next, I want to do Bluebirds by Kathleen Hurley. Of course most if not all of these I will do on linen.

I love cardinals and so Cardinal Chalkboard by Mike Vickery caught my eye. I called the magazine to see if they might still have the chalkboard but unfortunately they don't. Guess I will search the web and see what I can find. Do any of you have it?

Finally, I saw Proverbs 15:17 Herb Tray and Napkin set by Lois Winston. One of my life goals is to fill our home with cross stitch items that have scripture on them. I can't think of a more welcoming and loving envirnoment to live in day by day.

Well that's all for now. Pumpkin is recovering well and seems to be quite content. She is a trooper and went through her slay surgery without a hitch.

Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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  1. Loved my virtual walk with you today. the stitching charts are lovely.

  2. Took a look at your flower and I've never seen anything like it. Try posting again a photo when it is in full bloom and maybe someone will recognize it.

  3. That first plant on top is milkweed. If you break a leaf/tear it the liquid in the veins should be milky white. In the fall it will have large pods that when they dry up will open and white fluff will come out bearing the seeds on the wind.