Thursday, June 30, 2011

StitchMAP pillow swap

I am a member of yahoo groups stitchMAP. It is such a wonderful group of needlearts artists. I found out about the group from a Blogger friend of mine Kathy Shaw on her blog I have come to really love these stitchers and let me tell you the group is really unique. It is a group focused on keeping the needlearts alive. Map stands for mentor apprentice. There are lots of courses to take and with each.course you are assigned a mentor. What a valuable resource. Please consider joining. It will be worth your while. Here os where you go...

Go to StitchMAP

Now more about the disign. I got it from an old magazine called Cross Stitch Plus. I think it was called berry sampler..I put the magazine away. I stitched it for Amber. I think the older cross stitch magazines have some great patterns. I collect them and on rainy days l get out and enjoy flipping through them and they up. Well that's all.
Blessed stitching,

Sarah Beth

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