Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gift from Marie

My friend Marie sent me the nicest bunch of cross stitch patterns she picked up from the church sale she sister Pam worked at the other day. She is such a thoughtful friend.

There was a really nice selection of patterns. The individuals were some of my favorites.
Pam also brought me a big stack of patterns home too. I'm so blessed.

Here is what Jim and I bought for our anniversary present.

We love it. The Keurig coffee system makes the best coffee and tea I have ever had. We love enjoying it in the evenings after our walks.

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  1. A lot of nice stash you have there! Nice coffee system as well! I think your walks sound very romantic! It's nice to find couples who still cherish their time together!

  2. oooo very nice gifts and happy anniversary :) love mouse xxx

  3. woww very lovely gifts..i love them so much..
    happy anniversary dear..hugs xx

  4. I like that anniversary gift! I also think you are i stitching heaven with your new patterns! How thoughtful and fun!