Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have been steadily working on my latest project and it is so much fun. I just love this piece. A bloggy friend commented she too is doing a design similar by same designer. It looks pretty cool. Her blog is

You should check it out and compare designs.

Of course here is some lovely mail I have received from two friends. Another sweet card from my friend Marie. I smile every time she sends me a card. She is such a wonderful encourager. I would bet it is one of her spiritual gifts. Also a letter from my sewing friend, Harriett. We both have MS and met I'm church a few years ago. She is such a sweetie and a cat lover too. She has been there for me so much. I consider her one of the closest friends I have here. We haven't been able to get together much lately which has been a bummer but soon we will again. Summer time is a busy time for everyone. Thanks for your friendship, Harriett. A letter is on the way.

And finally I got two magazines in the mail recently. My Cross Stitch Gold and my Stoney Creek. They are both awesome but I cam hardly wait for my World of Cross Stitching magazine from Britain.

The weather is beautiful outside. Here is a pic from my front window. The colors are beautiful. Jim and I will go for a walk later. For now I have a ton of laundry to finish.

Hope you are all are having a happy fall. I am up to almost 40 followers. When I hit 50 there will be a special giveaway.

Blessed stitching,
Sarah Beth

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  1. hello dear, i love your stitching is so cute..very lovely mags..enjoy reading them..
    here are days full of summer..enjoy the lovely fall..
    keep well and have a lovely day xx

  2. Thanks for mentioning me, Sarah Beth! Your Trick or Treat letters are so cute! I need to finish the hat on mine so I can start stitching letters too!

    You have a lovely view from your front yard. Looks very peaceful.

  3. Your stitching is turning out wonderful!! Keep it up! Are you going to try to finish in time for Halloween??

  4. You are very loved in your friend circle. You have received some awesome gifts! I always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you are up to! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Hi Sarah Beth! I see you don't blog all the time ! It is tough as I work full time but I sure enjoy it! How is life treating you? Any more cool surprised in your mail? Come visit me soon, I won a couple giveaways and am showing my treasures! Have a good weekend! Anne