Friday, April 13, 2012


Took Sheba to vet. Had another episode of feeling bad. She did another ultrasound and bad news. Her liver is full of tumors. We will continue chemo and she sent us home with oral Cytoxin. We are only four weeks out from surgery and only one chemo treatment. We are broken but staying strong for her. She is still happy and eating so we are continuing to fight. We are planning to continue spoiling her and giving her lots of love. Please pray for her that this additional medicine will help and pray for us to be strong.

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  1. I am reading from the newest post backward! I started my blog in November 2009 because of Tinkerbell our daughter Rebekah's little poodle. She was diagnosed with liver cancer. She lived from November 2009 to May 2010. But we kept hr as comfortable as we could. She was so dear to our daughter. M heart breaks for these precious pets. I hate losing them. Be strong and know you are well loved. Prayers are filling your home. Hugs Anne