Friday, June 15, 2012

Another finish!

This is one of the kits I bought with money my sister and best friend Pam gave me for Christmas. I forget the name of it. I will give more details when the framing is done.

And this is the next one I'm working on.

It uses overdyed threads gast and wdw.

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  1. Lovely,sweet finish, the frame is great!
    Your new start looks pretty too!

  2. The little nesting bird is so cute and perfect in that heart frame! Love the other stitching as well! Huggles.

  3. I love the heart shaped frame and the stitching for it.

    I've just tagged you in "11 Things" on my blog, please join in if you want but don't feel obligated!

  4. I love the Robin in the nest in the heart frame. Did you find the name of the chart/kit yet? It is adorable.