Saturday, June 9, 2012

A small finish and prairie Schooler exchange for Lisa

Here is a small kit I finished while finishing watching NCIS Season 6.

It is a needlepoint kit called Lady Bug in the Sweet Petites line by Dimensions. I got it a while back and it was a UFO.

I finally finished my overdue exchange for hoe and it arrived to Lisa this week. Here it is. Garden Santa 1993

I sent Lisa a whole bunch of stuff to make up for being a month overdue. With Sheba's passing things were very hard on me.

And here is a beautiful rainbow at our house the other day. We could see both sides and it was a double as well.

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  1. Thank you again for the wonderful exchange Sarah! I love the PS ornament you made me and also all of the goodies you included. You really didn't have to send them but I will definitely be using them all!


  2. Your finish is so sweet!
    We are NCIS fans too.

  3. Very pretty, Sarah Beth. I love rainbows. And wow, that's a heck of an exchange. I'm glad you finished it and got it sent off. During hard times, it's easy to make excuses. You should be proud of yourself for following through. And I love the ornie. The poinsettias are darling!! Cute little finish too. I like ladybugs, but petit is not my style, lol. I'm more into the big honking huge things!!! LOL, guess I'm just a BAP girl!!! Hope you're feeling better now. I still have you on my prayer list!