Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm working on a birthday gift for Jim, my husband. It a Peanuts Snoopy Kiss the Cook design.

And here we are at a nature preserve in Cincinnati.

And here is where Jim played his drums on Saturday with the TNT Band at the Lebanon Opry House

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A great day

Here is my daddy and me with Lila. We met in between our homes in Ft. Wayne. We love you daddy. He is my husband.DS father but we are so close I call him daddy.

Here is Lila with her two foot long pig skin bone. When she swings it around watch out because she packs a good wallop with it.;)

Here are all my sewing supplies and pattern to make plenty of vests for her.

And this is my new kit by Jan Lynn. It was purchased at Walmart ( so glad they brought back the cross stitch stuff) .

Animal Assortment
Four Seasons Birds
Skill level advanced.
Came with 14ct white Aida but probably will use a light blue or white evenweave.
Designed by...Nancy Rossi for Looked Design Studio.

I just can't wait to start.

To leave you with a sweet photo of Lila. We bought her this huge phone from Rural King. She played so long she fell asleep on it.

And Happy Fathers day to my sweetheart. He is the best pet daddy in the world.

Read about in my Dog Fancy magazine about Dog Scouts of America. Its like girl or boy scouts and you earn badges with your doggy and do lots of fun stuff. Jim and i have a group nearby in North Vernon . Can't wait to start going with Lila.

Today was her first working visit to a crowded place to eat. She did awesome.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Another finish!

This is one of the kits I bought with money my sister and best friend Pam gave me for Christmas. I forget the name of it. I will give more details when the framing is done.

And this is the next one I'm working on.

It uses overdyed threads gast and wdw.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Candlewicking blooper

Well I posted about it but forgot to add the picture. Roflol

Here's a current pic of Lila.

And a pic of my cucumbers growing really well.

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Found a candelwicking pincushion I made a while back and wanted to show it off. I used colored markers to color inside the design the other I made I left plain. I like candlewicking. It looks so nice. My grandmother had a cream bedspread in candlewicking that us kids layed in when we visited. They lived on the lake. Happy stitching.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A small finish and prairie Schooler exchange for Lisa

Here is a small kit I finished while finishing watching NCIS Season 6.

It is a needlepoint kit called Lady Bug in the Sweet Petites line by Dimensions. I got it a while back and it was a UFO.

I finally finished my overdue exchange for hoe and it arrived to Lisa this week. Here it is. Garden Santa 1993

I sent Lisa a whole bunch of stuff to make up for being a month overdue. With Sheba's passing things were very hard on me.

And here is a beautiful rainbow at our house the other day. We could see both sides and it was a double as well.

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