Thursday, December 12, 2013

It May Be Cold Outside But......

Well hello everyone. Wishing you warmth and joy in this Christmas season. We had quite a snow storm last weekend. Here in Indiana we got 10 inches. Here is what it looked like outside.
 These pics are from my living room looking out the front window. The spot that looks like the moon is just a reflection of the flash.
 Look at the snow built up on the hummingbird feeder.
 Here I decided to play around and add a snow effect. Look at all the beautiful snow on the hemlock tree... Below the pics of Pam and Jim.. Just beautiful. I was thankful my husbands car has all wheel drive and thankful it hit on a Friday so we didn't have to go out in the storm. We just sat at home and enjoyed the warmth..occasionally venturing out to give Lila a potty break. I usually use my boots and swipe back and forth to make a path so she doesn't have to freeze her little footies off. Here is Pam and Jim sporting their new quilted rice shoulder heat pads. Pam helped sew most of hers. I found the tutorial to make these at crafty endeavor. They make great Christmas gifts so go check out the blog so you can make yours. Pam doesn't sew much and she found it very easy to follow the directions and make.
Isn't pam cute with her rice shoulder pad. 

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  1. Hello Sarah Bet! You have done Christmas Stitching and your Kitty looks lovely!
    Enjoy Your stitching...With Blessings,Maija from Finland