Saturday, March 30, 2013

 Here is the sampler from Cross Country Stitching. Its coming right along. I enjoy this e black backstitching. I've always loved shaker style things. I like those little pine shelves and furniture with the hearts in them. Well the designs in this magazine are like that...rustic country:-)

Below is "Let's Sew" by Ursula Michael. I am using a silk floss by Carrie's Collection called New Vision . Kayona gave me that thread with the HOE Christmas ornament exchange and lots more of pretty and soft silk:-) :-) :-) It glides through like butter. Kayo a makes the cutest cross stitch button legs ornamenrs

 Here is what Old Glory looks like.
 Here is the Old Glory pattern.
 This is one of my biological sister's( Barbi )after the funeral meal.

 We are getting our pictures taken by Barbi's husband, Frank and their son, Sonny
 And again....
 Here Is the five of us. And Barbi giving Jim bunny ears:-)

 Barbi (Mom) with son, Sonny.


  1. Let's Sew will look wonderful with that Carrie's Creations floss! Great choice! Your wavy border on Old Glory looks just like the wave I stitched on my Prairie Schooler Noah's Ark.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Old Glory sampler. Check out the website for some yearly quaker patriotic hearts. Stitched one and it came out really pretty!