Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sad News

 Honey BBQ chicken

 Cheesy breaded chicken breast I made for the first time. Baked in the oven. It was super juice:-)

 Here is a ladybug I stitched from the DMC mentors kit. I plan to make a cute ornament out of it to demonstrate what it can be turned into. Here is what the mentors kit comes like. The front has a very nice identification pin. Inside are six kits to teach people how to stitch and a booklet with more patterns.

The sad news today is that yesterday morning my biological sisters husband killed himself in front of her. He had been ill and depressed and afraid he had cancer and he watched his sister suffer and die from it this year. He didn't want his wife to have to do that. He also had just gotten out of the hospital after having double pneumonia and previously last year open heart surgery. She is just heartbroken and very traumatized. Please pray for her. For those who Don't know I am adopted. She wasn't so lucky and was severely abused as a child. She's a survivor though. I Dont know her well but I do love her. Please pray for her to at some point see that God loves her despite what has happened. He never chose any of this for her life. The consequence of us having choice to make decisions  is that often times we make wrong ones. Some say suicide is an unforgivable sin. I say there is no sin too great for Christ to forgive, less the cross be pointless. The brain is an organ just like any other and sometimes it just fails. He was on a lot of medication too. Pray for healing for this family, its seen too much pain in this lifetime.


  1. I will pray for your sister. What a terrible thing to go thru. Welcome to the mentor's club! I have been a mentor for a number of years myself.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your sisters loss. Sending prayers her way. Oh boy, that chicken looks good.


  3. I never knew about the DMC Mentor's kit. It looks like a great idea to teach more people how to stitch.

  4. So sorry to hear of all the pain in your sister's life. Praying that she will turn to the One who can heal all her hurts...

  5. Oh- i see another ladybug has made it into blogland ;)
    Looking forward to seeing your finish!

  6. Your work is awesome! My heart goes out to you and your sisters family.