Saturday, April 20, 2013

Skirting a Cold

Here is my new fascination. I went to a sewing expo in Cincinnati last June and found a booth called A Stitch Above and I fell in love with this neat looking needlepoint. I had not seen anything like it before. Then I was surprised to find, the other day a kit I acquired a few years back. It was just like what I had seen at the booth. I had also seen a few blogs I follow post pictures of Canvas Work which must be the same thing as what this kit is called-Textured Needlework. Anyhow I'm excited to give it a try. I love specialty stitches and this is what textured needlework is comprised of. Progress photos soon to follow....

 I decided to try my hand at making myself a skirt. I picked out some fabric that I thought looked spring and cut out a straight skirt. The material is a very light cotton and was super easy to stitch on. At first it was a bit too long. I took it up six inches and it comes to mid calf which I think is a good length for me. I also had it a bit too big so I took it in at the side seam a few inches . I love it. I'm going yo wear it to church tomorrow.

 This is another skirt I made. Its  made out of a T-shirt:-)  I found a tutorial online on how to make a skirt out of a T shirt and I'm so glad I tried it. You know those shirts you have that are old enough to be really soft and end up being a favorite. Well what if you stain the sleeve? You can make it into a skirt. I'm sorry I Dont have the link for the tutorial. I will try to find it and add it to my next post. I love how it fits and feels.
I told mommy she needed to wrap it up cuz I wanna play and eat my dinner. I can't eat until mommy and daddy play monkey in the middle with me with my five tennis balls. I catch the balls then I count them on the floor. Then I take a few bites of my food. Then we repeat. Yeah I know, I'm spoiled. But I take good care of mommy so they spoil me when I'm not working with my vest on. Mommy has a cold and I alerted daddy when she used her nebulizer. I didnt know it wasnt hurting her. They gave me lots of kisses and told me I did a good job. I came and laid right in her lap cuz  I had to be sure she was ok. Bye bye now. My tummy is rumbling.


  1. Your stitching projects looks very challenging. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    So fun that you can sew up skirts. I can't sew but admire those that can.

    What CUTE puppy ears your dog has!!!

  2. Very pretty kit! Cheering you on for progress! Cut skirts. Nice idea for the tee shirt. Cute puppy dog!