Sunday, April 7, 2013

 Angela from RAK group sent me these adorable charts in the mail the other day. Thanks so much Angela:-)

 Here is Old Glory as you can see there is lots more to stitch but I'm getting there.
 Here is a close up of the progress on the first flag
I think the true color is somewhere in between the two pics. Not a lot going on. My sister Becky is hanging in there. We are beginning to think the Prednisone that her husband was on was the cause of the suicide. I have been on that a lot in my life because its used to help cure pneumonia, asthma and upper respiratory infections along with decreasing the inflammation in transverse myelitis and MS. It even bothers me in that it makes me very weepy and upset. It only makes sense otherwise he wouldn't have fought so hard to overcome the double pneumonia. The funeral was very intense and it was very clear how much he was loved and would be missed. The wake was much that they had to open the room adjacent to it to allow for more seating. Keep praying for Becky and her kids  and rest of family too. Thanks so much.


  1. Nice rak :D i love when people do this for others :D

  2. Have seen some very adverse effects from that medication. Everything from extreme weight gain to horrendous bloating and pain. Thoughts are with your family.
    Great christmas goodies! Beautiful sampler!

  3. Great new starts and I love the piece your working on.


  4. Nice charts
    I'm stitching Old Glory too
    I need to post a progress pic soon
    Keep me inspired please, lol
    That big flag on the bottom left might get the best of me, lol

  5. Hello

    I came over to your blog from Parsley's blog.
    The charts are lovely, such a kind action.
    Your stitching is looking great.
    I've read back a few post and want to say how sorry I am for your loss.
    Even though this is my first visit to you your family will be in my thoughts.