Saturday, February 15, 2014

 Mommy says I get to write todays post. Yippi:). Me and mommy are doing just fine. As you can see Daddy and her spoil me with lots of love and toys. They even bought me this super comfy doggie bed made by Carpenters Orthopedic Beds. It feels so good when I sleep on it. It has a foam waffle cushion in it with these little pointy things that stick up. They Dont hurt because they are foam. Mommy has a bed that is similar.
 Here I am loving on my three favorite piggies. Later all three piggies and I took a nap together. The other piggies were mommy played with them with me. We have lots of fun together.
 This afternoon I told mommy I needed to she bundled up and put the door we went. The snow was coming down quite hard and lots of it....big wet snowflakes were everywhere. See my head and coat got a real good dusting of snow.
 Here you can see the backyard where we were. The trees were getting so much snow it was beginning to weigh down the branches.
 Mommy and daddy got a new tree f
rom a blogging friend. It 7.5 ft tall and fiber optic. Her friend bought this in the late 90s and was ready for something new. Mom and Dad just love it. See the hearts mommy put on for decoration for February. They are going to leave it up all year to remind them to celebrate the meaning of Christmas every day. Mommy is going to decorate it seasonally. I like what she's done with it so far. Some of the hearts sparkle!!!
 This was an exchange mom did with Parsley. Inside were lots of stitchable ribbon. She also gave her some books and other nice things. You can visit Parsleys blog here.

 This was moms first completed Little House Needleworks chart called He's a Flake. She used some real fancy threads on it. The scarf and pot for the tree are Victorian motto overdyed floss. The snowman was stitched with Caron's Collection called Snow. She used the color pearl. I like how it sparkles . This was made for the Hoe  exchange stitchers choice.

 Here's the ornament mom made for Parsly. She found this one on the net too and used carries creations silk threads.

 Mommy made this with Caron Watercolours Nefartitti. This was also one she got on the net. I like the loopy loops that made the hearts.Isn't the purple background pretty. This was a valentine exchange for Anne.

 A few Saturdays ago daddy treated mommy by taking her to a shop shed been wanting to visit since she saw their booth at the Cincinnati sewing expo last year. Wow all the colors and fibers. You should have seen her eyes....they were as big as basketballs. Since I'm her medical alert service dog I could feel all the tingling excited energy she was feeling. I have to admit it was pretty cool. Everyone was making googley eyes at me. I couldn't get over all the colors. My senses were on overload.

 The store is called A Stitch Above Needlepoint. Its in Cincinnati. The owners name is Dawn. She gave mom some velvet and a pattern to make me snow booties. She made them up but they were a bit small so she's going to donate them. She made me another pair and they kept my feet dry and warm.
 Here is a pattern she bought. Shes doing it in the same color way.

 And here am I out in the snow all nice and warm. Next post to show her big haul of stash she bought. Had to use this January for her freebie for stitch for stash.


  1. Nice bloggy helper. :-) I hope you liked the items I sent to you.

  2. Oh my God! I love your three!!!
    Good weekend!

  3. I am so glad you love the tree so much. You have made my night. :)

  4. I’m glad too. I got locked out of this blog because my email got hacked. I have a new blog now called stitching with Jesus