Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Good Day

Today has started off pretty good. Sheba is adjusting pretty well to all the changes. Found out today that Soxie had full blown liver cancer which explains why she went so quickly. I am thankful for it going fast and her not having to suffer so much. I miss them both so much that there is just a raw spot in my gut from it all.

Went to Bible Study at the YMCA and it was so good to see my girlfriends and also visit with my friends from my swim class that I used to attend. Now I am at the the library taking back a book and visiting with my library friends. I am a member of the Friends of the Library and on the board. I really believe in supporting your local library in every way. I grew up practically living in my hometown library and volunteered there for years from age 7-18. Good ole Montrose, Michigan town library. Now its called the Jennings Memorial library. If you are a reader please take time to visit your local library and possibly join their Friends group.

Going home shortly to stitch and relax with my puppy before it is time to go do our taxes. Then it will be off to symphony practice. Yes you heard right...I play flute in the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and I love it. The gals I play with are very nice especially the principal flutist, Lynn. It is a good time all around and this is my first year. Its been a dream of mine to get to this point so I am  so glad God gave me the health boost to allow me achieve this goal. God has done so much for me.

Was listening to Focus on the Family podcast last night about being a good wife and the question was posed "What does it feel like to be my husband." That really has got me thinking. Do I treat him with respect and honor. Do I put his needs before mine. I wish I could say -" Yes ,always." But that just isn't the case at all. So this week I am focusing on him and his needs.

Well have a great day and Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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