Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning.

First off I want to tell you all how blessed I am to have such a loving and supportive husband and best friend. He has always supported everything I do from my music...I play flute my stitching. He let's me grow my stash to enormous proportions and only giggles when my "Sarah piles" start to get toppled by the Kitties. I love you Jim. You are my perfect soulmate.

Well its been a rough couple of weeks in the Marchuk household. We had a dogfight between our Doby and German Shepherd. Actually the Doby attacked the other. She had done this before and we had to put a stop to it from happening again and we had to put her to sleep. It was just an awful thing to go through. Then that same day our sweet Border Collie, Soxie got real sick and we had to hospitalized her. She came home a few days later doing much better and we thought she was doing much better. Saturday a quarter after midnight she passed away suddenly and our hearts are just broken to bits. For some people they surely would scoff but our animals are our only children and we are their parents. I have chronic illness and can't have children so these babies are our babies. Now there is just Sheba our German Shepherd. Went out today to bring in old blankets of Ravens and toys to give to Sheba. She is happily chewing on a rawhide bone. That is her thing. Not so much squeaky toys or fetch toys but bones definitely.

Here is Soxie Ann. She was our little princess and snuggle bumpkin. She was daddys little girl and we loved her so very much. We got her as a pup in 1998 in February. She passed on March 26.2011.

Here is Raven our little dutchess. She loved to play with little animals that squeaked. This was her little hedgey that she played with. We got her from a rescue in Indianapolis in the summer of 98. We think she must have been rescued from a ring of fighting dogs because after she killed a rabbit years later and got that taste of blood she started attacking our two dogs and we had to separate them. She had always been very fearful and we now know that a fearful dog is the most dangerous kind. We thought we could love that fear out of her and though she was very submissive with adult people we never let her around kids or other animals and rarely other people.

I took some pictures of my WIPs and here they are. The first is a.sampler that I got in a garage sale that was started. I really enjoyed the unique stitches and decided to make it into a quilting project.

Here is a Dimensions kit that is a birdhouse stocking that I have been working on since just before Christmas.

And this is a kit I started years ago that I plan to finish soon by The Hometown Collector called No Place Like Home by Designs For The Needle.

Guess I will spend the rest of the day stitching and practicing my flute. I must say though these times are hard God is still blessing us and loves us more than we can imagine. What would I do with out my Heavenly Daddy. We have gone to Him in prayer so much and each time the Holy Spirit covers us in love and comforting warmth. God you are amazing and wonderful. Let our babies know how much we love and miss them.
Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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