Sunday, May 6, 2012

A wonderful weekend.

This was such a nice weekend. Saturday we had taco salads and tapioca pudding for dessert. We also went to Indy on Saturday to get some prescription refills for Sheba. She is doing well by the way. We stopped at Half Price Books and i found a few goodies.

After the bookstore we hit Bed Bath & Beyond. We bought the Keurig coffee maker a while back in September so we bought some yummy coffee and a real nice k-cup storage drawer set by Nifty Solutions.

And here it is all set up and filled. It even has room on top for cups or other things.

We found some filters for our k cup filter that you put your own ground coffee in. Without the paper filter it gets a bit clogged. The ones we bought claim they only work with their kind. Turns out they do just fine in any of them.

And here is one of our latest favorites. Pam found this coffee and sent samples home with Jim's when he visited a while back. We drink a lot of decaf. Its amazing that there is no bitter after taste with these decafs.

And here is a glimpse of our taco salad and the Hawaiian pizza I made for lunch. I used deli ham meat chopped, olive oil in the crust with Italian seasonings, and a ring of pineapple with cheese. Yummy.

And here's the progress on my exchange that is way overdue.

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  1. Looking good Sarah Beth. You'll get it finished eventually. Ham and pineapple... Sounds like one of my fave pizzas!! Great finds too. I would have loved to have gotten my dad a Keurig. He was quite ill, and would drink a cup over a couple of hours. Then he'd want more. I was brewing a pot at a time. I tried to talk him into it, but he said he was okay with the way it was. I wanted him to have fresh coffee though. I don't like it, but I know fresh is better!! He died before I could talk him into it. LOL, maybe he has one where he is now, cause I can't imagine him being without his coffee!!