Sunday, May 27, 2012

Puppy and kitty problems

Our 1 1/2 yr. Old German Shepherd puppy and two cats aren't adjusting well to each other. Lila is obsessed with playing with them and the don't want to play. Help!!!! I know most of us stitchers are animal lovers. We love them all even hired a trainer but that doesn't start until June 4. We have Lila with the baby gate keeping her in the family room. But discovered blood on one of cats bottom after being chased out of the litter box. I thought maybe it was poo so got a paper towel to wipe her off and saw a little blood . Must have been drinking and pot tying less due to not wanting to be chased. If Lila wants she will hop the couch. Can't get the kitty to the vet until Tues. Just worried so much about them all.' All advice is welcome and appreciarex

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  1. I've heard of a thing, I think it's an herbal, but not sure. I don't know if the pet stores carry it or if you have to get it from the vet. It's called Rescue Remedy, and it' calms them down during the adjustment period. Maybe that would help. Best of luck Sarah Beth!!

  2. Hi Sarah Beth---Oh, you've got yourself a challenging situation. A playful puppy and cats that want no part of it.

    The most important thing to do is to protect your cats. Have them live behind a gated area where their litter boxes and comfy spots are, and give them lots of room, or vice versa, have the dog behind the gate and give the cats the run of the place.

    Start to teach the dog the all important command "leave it," and once he has learned this 100% then you can slowly introduce the cats and teach the dog that they are not his personal play things.

    You might also put the cats in an exercise pen in an area where the dog is, and have their box and food and toys in there and see if everyone gets bored with one another. That could take a while, but boredom is good.

    And, as always, make sure the dog gets ALOT of exercise every day, no matter what. A tired dog is a good dog. Help him get rid of all that excess energy that is driving him to play with the cats.

    A cat that runs away from a dog presents a particularly tough challenge, as dogs all have a natural drive to chase something that runs.

    Another tactic is to ignore the entire mess and let the animals sort it out. My guess is that one of these times the dog will get a cat cornered and will get a nice big swat in the face and will learn from that. This is the way I usually handle the sorting of all animals, I let them figure it out. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they live in peace and harmony.... somehow.