Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spoiled Rotten:-)

 Jim decided to spoil me rotten the other day by taking me to hobby lobby to get a few things. Somehow my $30 bucket turned into $130! Lol...I know you all have been there. I was just telling Jim that I had plant of patterns and kits. What I really needed was trim, floss, and fabric. Well they were having a 50% off sale on trim. I thought to myself... I'll just have a look and get a few.Ha! I really went crazy. The trim above is green, pink, and red gingham ruffled along with another pink ruffle and some brighter ones. Dont you just love the cupcake ribbon:-)

The brown, cream, and black have beads on them. The dk teal ruffle looks do amazing. Its very shimmery.
 The orange on left is like the teal above. Both will look awesome on an ornament. Next is a bright multicolored followed by a thin bright orange, another multicolored in a different shade, and a pretty yellow.
 A month ago I had lost my favorite pair of embroidery sheers. I had bought them at Needle Fever in Indianapolis which closed its doors recently after 35 years in service. This economy is rough on quilt and needlework stores. Anyhow hobby lobby had the same pair in blue just like the other. I was so happy to have another pair:-)  This tatting yarn in blue multicolor is for my needle masters sal. Yes I'm going to try tatting. Wish me luck everyone. The thread is 20 wright. Hope that's a good weight to start on.
 More trim all white with beads.
 Here is the sparklly trim. Iridescent, silver, gold, red, and green.
 These are beaded blue-violet, black plain, black iridescent, broken, tan.
 Another shot of the sparkly stuff....
 Does anyone remember the old Knit-Wit? The picture to the right that is yellow is an old advertisement from the 80s. Here is something very similar by Clover. Can't wait to make a flower Afghan. I would love to find an original knit-wit . Does anyone want to part with their old one or have experience with either it or the one I just bought. I would love to talk to you if you do. Leave me a comment below please.

  And I have always wanted to knit my own socks....but I'm too intimidated to try.... I can barely knit and purl on one set of needles let alone when I saw this loom with DVD instructions I had to have it.:-) Haven't tried it yet but I will soon.


  1. wowwww very nice..
    have fun x

  2. Wow, what a lovely collection of new things! I've tried tatting a few times (needle and shuttle), but I just can't get the hang of it. Did you know Craftsy has a shuttle tatting class? I've signed up for it, but I haven't really given it much time yet.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of trim! You lucky girl, you! Now I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful finishes you make.

  4. Great trim and stash Sarah Beth. Wish I lived near a craft store. Did you leave any trim in the store? lol


  5. Love all those ribbons and trims, you're going to have some gorgeous ornies!
    we used to have one of the flower looms as children, can't remember much about it though!
    I also had a square one and used to make shawls for my Sindy doll with it!

  6. You are going to need more storage space with that haul! Beautiful trims. I'm so jealous. We don't have Hobby Lobby around here.

  7. Nice hobby lobby haul!!! I have a wooden loom for scarves (you have sock loom) and I also have the clover set ... fun to play with. Enjoy the day