Friday, February 1, 2013

A scarf and a Ram.

 I finally finished the scarf I was making Jim. Its extra wide so it can double over or stay single .
 Here it is keeping his little head warm. Isn't he handsome.

 This needlepoint project I think is from the 80's. What I would like to do is stitch it with all those pretty specialized stitches instead of just continental but I Dont know how how to do it. I've seen some lovely needlepoint stuff lately. I have it easy with cross stitch. Everything is already designed I just have to follow the directions. Could someone who is good at needlepoint help me do this please:-)


  1. Jim looks so cozy in his new scarf. Sorry, can't help with the ram.

  2. so sorry cant help with the ram..
    yup jim looks so cozy in his scarf..
    have a lovely day x

  3. Your DH looks great in the scarf! Good luck with your needlepoint. Yes, I have seen lovely needlepoint designs on some of these blogs. I am still finishing one up that I started in 1980 with the continental stitch.