Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Travel down memory lane

 Thought you would all get a kick out of seeing what I looked like 15 yes ago. This was 9-6-97
 Dont you love this one. I love the way it looks with the bridesmaids flowers on my trai .
 Here we are lighting the unity candle. I can honestly say that day was the happiest in my life.:-)

Here is my best friend and sister in law , Pam. I had pastoral classes to go to that weekend in PA. So we drove down together. We really had a very nice time.

 This is back in 97-98 in Michigan on Lake Huron. Isn't the cabin Pam and I stayed at cute:-)
 It was a little drizzly that weekend but it was so very lovely. We even got to have a nice cozy fire.
 Here I am in Grand Rapids, MI at a flute conference. My favorite flutist, Paula Robinson gave master classes there. It was so exciting getting to meet her.
 There was a store by the cabin that we stayed in who always put out this life size Alf. So we thought we'd be cute and gibe him a kiss:-)
Oh Pam's too shy I guess she'll just hold hands with the old Alfmeister:-) 

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