Thursday, February 7, 2013

Semis on Parade

My sister sent me these pictures. These are paint job on a flat semi. The illusions are amazing. I just am blown away by how cool these look. I Dont usually post about non stitching stuff but I just had to. Aren't these amazing! What is your favorite?

 This is one of my favorite ones. It looks like the beer bottle is sticking out and its going to whop the car in the next lane. He he he:-) ,
 Who's driving this truck anyways?

Here is my favorite. How did they  get that stuff to stay up there?


  1. Those are great, Sarah Beth. I like the snake best. That's just awesome.

  2. Wow those are amazing! my favorite is the one with the snake. Yikes!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Happy Stitching!