Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another book and some mail.

I finished another Elm Creek Quilts book by Jennifer Chiaverini. This was called A Quilters Holiday. It was centered around Thanksgiving and all the group is together for the day after Turkey day. Sylvia finds out she isn't the last of her family after all. Anna is conflicted with her relationship with Jeremy. Diane hurries back home to her visiting sons but the snowstorm has a mind of its own and is more stubborn than Diane. Sarah and Matt are having twins and Matts dad is pulling him to take over his business where Sarah sees this coming and is not pleased. She puts her foot down and only time will tell what comes of it.
This one kept me up late trying to finish it.

Got some nice cards from friends and family. First, Pam sent me a cute card by Marjolein Bastin. She is a favorite nature artist from Holland, the Netherlands. Pam knows she is a favorite so she gets those for me on purpose.

The next is a cute card of encouragement from my friend, Marie. She and I both have some health issues in common and I grew up with her and her husband across the street from my house. She is always sending a card or email to encourage and chit chat. I'm thankful for her friendship.

Finally, I got a envelope from The Stitchers Village. I won some linen from them to make a sampler band to be combined with everyone who sends one in. They will be stitched together and form a really long band sampler. Hopefully it will make the Guineas Book of World Records.
Blessed stitching everyone.

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  1. wow..very lovely book:)very sweet card..and congratulations on your win..keep well dear xx

  2. Cool, sounds like a very cool think to be a part of!! Glad you got some nice cards. It's always fun to get something in the mail. Grats to you!! And I'm glad you enjoyed your book. I love to read too!!