Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early anniversary present.

Our anniversary is coming up September 6. We will be married 14 years. I have to say I am a very blessed woman. My husband loves me more than life itself. He spoils me every chance he gets and I spoil him too. I married my best friend. Not many couples can say that. From the day he put that ring on my finger I knew he would honor his vows and do it with love.

You see we've had a lot of storms in our fourteen years. Shortly after we got married...about two years I became sick. For five years it went undiagnosed and I was in the hospital and doctors offices constantly. It not only was a emotional and physical burden but also financial. Jim had good employment and good insurance but, it was still a great financial strain. Insurance doesn't cover everything and after a while he has to cash his 401k to cover all the medical bills that had piled up. In 04 I was diagnosed with Recurrent Transverse Myelitis. At first we were excited that it wasn't MS after all. Later after learning about it we found it was worse. Then the next year we had a cancer scare that required major surgery to remove the tumor and all of the thymus . What started out as an alternative to open chest surgery turned into worse. They used a Davinci robot to get the tumor but a major artery was cut and I ended up with open chest surgery after all. I nearly died from bleeding out. Thankfully it wasn't cancer. Jim has been at my side holding me up the whole time. All the while taking care of me and working a very stressful job as a packaging engineer in the corporate world.

Most men would have left years ago. But he has stayed and supported me 200%. What a gift God have me when he picked out my husband for me. I could go on forever but I think you get the idea. He is a gentle, big
hearted, family loving, God fearing man and I love him with everything that is in me . I love you sweetie.

Here is my gift to him.

And this is his gift to me. I have been wanting this magazine for a long time.

The other day we found some nice trails to walk. Come with us...

I loved the shelf mushrooms. I has never seen them before. Does anyone know what the names of the other plants and the smaller mushrooms are so I can go back and lable them later.
Sarah Bwth

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  1. hello dear, i love your gifts..i also love is very sweet i am waiting for the new issue with lovely MS free kit..
    i really love the is look like a fairy land..have a lovely week my dear friend
    keep well..hugs cucki xx

  2. How wonderful you found the perfect man for you. He really sounds like a keeper. I hope you both enjoy your new toys.
    Love the walk, don't know what any of them are.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  3. Wow, Sarah, you've really been through a lot. I'm so glad that the two of you are still together!!! It's great that he's been so supportive of you! Will say a prayer that you have many more anniversaries together!!!