Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodies in the mail.

My good friend , Tiina and I are exchanging patterns. She sending her old MB ones and I sending some of my finished ones and magazines and.DMC floss. I am so grateful to her and.what a lift to my day.

Also got another sweet card from my friend, Marie. She is so thoughtful and such an encourager.

And Jim ordered the Jesse Stone movies based on Robert Parkers books. They came today too.

Now we are going to Big Boy and then we will watch Night Passage. I've read the book already.
Blessed Stitching.
Sarah Beth

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  1. wow..lovely goodies..have fun xx

  2. How totally cool. I'm glad you got such good stuff in the mail!! Awesome!!

  3. I love Tom Selleck so those movies are favorites in our house. I like you are well loved. All these gifts and cards. You must be a very special lady.