Monday, August 15, 2011

El Reparo and hoe exchange

Jim took me out the other day to our favorite Mexican restaurant called El Reparo was delicious.

There is Jim with his huge steak burrito. It was pretty yummy but the steak was tough.

I had the nachos supreme. Oh my gosh was that good. I think I get the same thing almost every time I go.

Here is a look inside.

Isn't this metal sun interesting. It has little stars stamped out of it all over.

The bathroom sink was really a clever idea and very beautiful.

And this is made out of all different types of wood. There are many individual pieces that make up the whole piece of art.

Here is my hoe ornament from oubilette. It is designed by lizzie Kate and instead of floss she did the whole design in beads. It's very beautiful. Thanks so much oubilette.

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  1. I love Mexican Restaurants more for the decor and the Margaritas than for the food. Like you, I find that the meats [even the chicken] tend to be tough and stringy ... in fact, I usually go vegetarian when ordering Mexican to avoid disappointments. Glad you liked the ornament!

  2. hello dear, thank you so much for leaving lovely comments on my archie on ms lovers blog..
    yes i have a blog and it is
    and i am having my first giveaway please do come and join in..
    i love mexican restaurant too..they are so lovely and there food is full of flavors..
    keep well and keep in you my dear friend xx

  3. I only love certain Mexican, lol. I like tacos and some nachos, but that's about it. Glad you enjoyed your dinner!!! And your ornie is lovely. Funny thing is, Obliette got the same ornie, but stitched, lol. I was just on her blog!!! Glad you liked it. It's lovely!