Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Morning

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Another nice day here in Indiana. Got some work done on my PS exchange and it is almost  done. Not sure how I am going to finish this one but I am looking forward to having it finished by tomorrow. Looking forward to watching American Idol. I am voting for Scotty but Lauran is really good too. Felt bad for Haley last week but I knew she would be the one to go. Though of all of them she is the most musically talented for sure. I think she will go really far anyways just like most of the contestants do.

We had some major T-Storms yesterday evening. I am terrified of loud thunderstorms why? Because I am afraid of tornadoes. We had a whopper of a cell go through and it had been producing tornadoes. The sky got dark and part turned an eerie orange color. Jim had to hold me for a little while till the danger of tornadoes was past. I have never been in one. Have you. Don't forget to look back for my first giveaway.

Have a blessed day,
Sarah Beth

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