Saturday, May 28, 2011

PS exchage

Oh boy! I went for a walk tonite and checked the mailbox......guess what was in there? Yup you got it my PS ornament from Marie Pasternak. It is breathtaking. I absolutely love this ornament. Halloween and Autumn themes are my favorite and I love pumpkins and cats. She couldn't have picked a better design for me. She did it one over one also. Sooo many stitches. It gorgeous. Marked stitched it from book #90 "Spring & Fall". I am super happy with this ornament. Thank-you so much Marie.

My roses are looking amazing. Jim and I spent this morning cleaning out the garage and getting rid of some stuff, donating some stuff, and reorganizing the rest. If you breathe deep I bet you can smell these roses.

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  1. Hey, Sarah! I finally went through my crochet bag and dug out your address for your blog! That is a cute ornament!

    Hey, I discovered a website that you should check out:

    It has a blog, but also a lot of free patterns for knitting, crocheting, and sewing! It is maintained by a couple of ladies from Norway who sell their own yarn.

    See you Tuesday!

  2. What a pretty Halloween ornament. It must have been a thrill to receive it.

    Love your roses. I am always so amazed how well roses do in every climate - even our dry dessert lets them grow well.