Friday, May 6, 2011


And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.( Mark 4:39 )

It sure is a comfort to me that Jesus can calm the storms of our lives. Of course sometimes he chooses to calm his child instead...that is if we let Him. I don't know.about you but I often wallow in my uneasiness and anxiety for awhile before I focus on Him instead of me. It seems at that point everything changes. I pick up the Word and find comfort. Or the Lord just speaks peace into me through His Holy Spirit as I finally begin to give up my way of dealing with things. Then I choose His way and that always gives me peace. I want to challenge you all along with myself to read His Word every day. I promise you if you are seeking shelter from lifes storms you will find peace as you get to know God more intimately. Ask God to show you want He wants for you to know that day. The reward will be greater than anything you've ever experianced before. If you haven't already asked.Jesus into your life then I recommend starting with the book of John. It is the heart of the Christian faith and if you want to begin to know Jesus in a personal way this will help you to begin that relationship. If you desire salvation in heaven all you need to do is very simple. Just admit to God that you have sinned . None of us can get to heaven of our own strength or by being good enough. That is why Jesus died on the cross. He paid the sacrifice for our sins with His life. In order to get to heaven by works we must be perfect without one sin. Jesus is the only one who never sinned. So he paid our debt for our sins by going to the.cross. Next tell Jesus your sorry for your sins and tell Him you want Him to be your Savior. Then my friend you will be saved and a new creation. Praise Jesus!!!

I finished the two completely. What do you think of the background fabric. It's nearly ten years old. I had purchased it to make scrub tops when I was working for a home health care company. I had enough to cut out four placemats to go with it. Maybe I will even embroider a white tablecloth with the same design as the napkins. What do you think?

This Angel's house in front of her house. Since it is such a dreary day here I thought the flowers would give you all that springy feeling:)

Jim and I had our first practice with the band and went through over 7 songs. It was awesome. Everyone is really talented and it sure feels good to be playing in a country band with my honey babe. Can't wait till our next practice.

I'm going to work on the placemats and the other two napkins. Blessed stitching.
Sarah Beth

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