Saturday, July 16, 2011

More magnolia

Worked some more on my Magnolia Dresser Scarf. Needs more backstitching and then I have the other side to get done.

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  1. That looks so very realistic. How pretty! Praying for Jim.

  2. Very pretty Sarah Beth. I love flowers, and this one is gorgeous. (And I bet it will be even better when you get the bsing done!!) BTW, congrats on winning the notebook cover giveaway! That's how I found your blog.

  3. hello dear sarah,hi its me cucki..i am following your blog is really very lovely.
    i wanted to say congratulations for winning the notebook cover giveaway..
    your magnolia is really looking so lovely..i love flowers so much and this one is so pretty..
    keep well dear..hugs cucki xx

  4. Wow that's going to be a magnificent piece when finished!