Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shaker Stitching Box

I decided to kit up a new start yesterday. If you know me well you know that I have a large collection of cross stitching magazines. One of my favorites is by Jeremiah Junction called Cross Country Stitching. I have a few years of subscriptions of it and love the designs.

I've said this before that one of my main goals I'm stitching is to cover our walls in scripture. This magazine uses scripture in almost all of the designs. I can't believe I haven't stitched one before. I have been guilty of that a lot where I would get subscriptions to the magazines but not make any. For the longest time I stitched only kits. Sure I will still do those but I have been focusing on the wealth of patterns I have on hand already. So here is what I am working on.....

I love seeing the colors on the card next to my project. I find myself running my fingers through them and watching how the colors look next to each other. Doors anybody else do that?

The design comes from Cross Country Stitching Feb.2003

Got some nice cards in the mail the other day. Thank-you to everyone.who has been praying for my recovery during my hospitalization. I really feel blessed by all of you.

Also I found out yesterday I won the giveaway at Theresa's Heartfelt Stitches. What a treat!!! You can see her blog at Theresa's Heartfelt Stitches

To check out the magazine I got my pattern from go to Cross Country Stitching Magazine
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  1. i also love that mag too..that is my fav one too..your stitching is looking so lovely..keep well dear xx

  2. Lovely start Sarah Beth. I would do that (run my fingers through the floss) if I used cards. I generally do very large projects, though, so I organize my floss in floss bags. It's easier for me that way!

  3. Love it Love it Love it - I have never heard of that magazine but I truly like your new start !!!