Saturday, March 3, 2012


Boy I have been cooking up a storm. The Lord has really given me some wonderful good days. I am sleeping well. Turns out one of my asthma meds was interfering with my sleep causing a sleep disorder. I have so much energy I have cooked three homemade meals. The first one was sauerkraut short rib with brown sugar. Then I made oven fried boneless chicken breast. Two days ago I made homemade potatoe soup

And potatoes salad

And ribbon jello.

It all turned out delicious. I thank God for all the energy he has given me. Turns out one of my asthma medicines caused a sleep disorder. It was singular. Jim found info about it and told me. At first I figured it wasn't doing that but God kept prompting me to trial stop it and guess what ....much better sleep and no sitting up while sleeping and moving around. Praise God.
My first post was longer but I had trouble posting.
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Sarah Beth

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