Friday, March 30, 2012

Update on sheba

Well yesterday we went back to the vet. We were mad because when I took the tape covering her pain patch off I found it had been STAPLED to her!!!!!! We love this place we take her. It had been done right before we left because her patch was lifting off. But she should have. retyped it. Puncturing a pain patch is dangerous. I called her doc immediately and she was doing a staff meeting. When we came in to get her staples out she took a picture and she took care of it that way it would never happen to another animal again.

So...we left with a good report and about fifteen minutes in she starts foaming at the mouth and drooling like crazy.w Her gums turned pale...we thought we were going to lose her. So we rushed her back and ended up being nausea and she had a vagel response. They gave her two nausea shots and then she was better and was sent home.

I got my prairie Schooler Santa in the mail and it is beautiful.

Lynn from

Blessed stitching
Sarah Beth
Made this for me.
She also enclosed this beautiful hand turned needle threaded made from cocobola wood. It is the most interesting and beautiful needlework tool that I own. Thanks so much Lynn.

Also had my hair french braided the other day by Tammy.

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  1. the santa is adorable. love the french braiding.

  2. I'm so glad Sheba is home and feeling better. I've been praying for her. Love the way your hair is braided. I wish I could do that to mine, but if I can't see it, I can't do it well. (I can come up with a sort of braid, but it's not very good.) The needle threader is beautiful. Grats on such a nice exchange.

  3. Life is so hard with pets when they get ill. I feel so sad but know you love Sheba so much!