Friday, March 9, 2012

Mail call.

Well I got two letters and a cross stitch book I ordered from a blogging friend. First my friend, Marie send me a card and also Miriam sent me a letter. She always makes envelopes with pictures on them from magazines and old calenders.

And here is the book.
Stephanie's DOG Alphabet
Designer: Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath

Hope you are doing great today. The sun is out and I'm thankful about that. Yesterday was cloudy and that always gets me down. Though I'm feeling better today. Does anyone have suggestions on beating depression that comes on when its not sunny.

I am loving the new mystery series by Rita Mae Brown that has the two dogs in it.

Well that's about all. God bless

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  1. Light Therapy is meant to be very good. Try googling S.A.D (seasonal something depression) and light therapy.

    I like your post, there's nothing nicer than a real letter!

  2. It's fun to get "real mail" isn't it!! I like your dog pattern book. That should be fun to stitch from!